Conception de site web Stylla-web has been designing websites in Montreal and throughout the province of Quebec for over 10 years. Nowadays, you have to be aware that having a website is by far the best tool and is essential to your company's image. Your website provides information about your company and your services to many Internet users. Therefore, it must publish content adapted for SEO (search engine optimization) in order to attract customers and generate interest for your company, whatever the field of activity.

In order to meet Google's strictest standards, website design must display high-level aesthetics and graphics, while leveraging best practices in terms of content development and technical aspects. It is demonstrated that a slow website unsuitable for cell phones will not please visitors and they will soon be tempted to leave your site. Internet users are more impatient than ever when a page is unusually long to generate or if navigation is deficient. The frequency of short visits has a negative impact on search engine positioning and your site would lose its effectiveness.

Over the past few years, our web agency's designers have completed more than 700 exceptional projects and designs in Montreal. Consult the portfolio section of our website for an overview of our latest achievements.

Aware that the IT field is constantly evolving, the IT technicians at Stylla-Web form a multidisciplinary team. We recognize that technical knowledge in website design and SEO are two distinct spheres.

Stylla-web offers complete website design services in Montreal, including the expert writing of texts fine-tuned for search engine optimization. Our dedicated specialists will also create a design for your site to offer an attractive and competitive image of your company.

Our SEO experts will improve the frequency of visits to your website by inserting keywords in the texts to optimize results with search engines. As a result, the design and narrative of your website will allow your company to be easily found on Google and appear on the first page of Web-search results.


A "Web Project Manager" will be assigned to your website design project. All of our Web Project Managers understand that an effective website design must take into account the expectations of the visitor. It is therefore essential to analyze and outline the intentions of the targeted clientele. The manager’s role will be to accompany you and choose the most searched keywords on Google. He will then carry out the necessary verification and approval with you and will give the mandate of the texts to our team specialized in Web writing.

Our team of Web Designers will take over to create your site, displaying elements that capture the attention of visitors such as a home page with quick access to your sections, services, photos and realizations; your website will be attractive and convincing. The objective of your website is to attract visitors and ensure that they stay on it as long as possible. This marketing strategy increases your chances of getting calls from new customers and you will profit from this augmented communication.

By using Stylla-Web's professional website design services, you will have an overview of your website project during its creation. Through the approval cycle of the various stages, you will have the opportunity to participate in its construction, and give the green light before we officially launch your new website online.

As soon as the final approval is given, your website will move on to the last step: SEO. The SEO and geolocation technician will complete the work by configuring the Google MAP with a maximum number of cities and services. In order to obtain the best positioning on search engines, he will also optimize SEO programming by inserting "titles" and "URLs" for each page.

For your website design or website performance improvement, contact Stylla-web. Your customers will be able to access your site immediately when they search for your type of product or service in the cities you serve. We will enhance your company's Web image and increase traffic to your website in a spectacular way!

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