Web Design

By the means of the latest Web programming software, we create current, secure and reliable websites.


A web design compatible on all devices for a great look no matter what what the techology used by your futur clients.


Stylla-Web can set up Web referencing systems that will help raise your website to the top ranks of search engine listings.

Montreal Web agency

Based in Montreal and working in the Web field for over 15 years, Stylla-Web Web Agency offers a wide variety of unparalleled services with specialized techniques that have proven to work hundreds of times. Our company promotes best practices in terms of search engine optimization (SEO) and adapted Web design for a professional image, regardless of the technology used.

With our Web agency, you can ensure results that defy all competition, while respecting your requirements and budget. Entrust your Web project to our multidisciplinary team and you will obtain not only a superior quality website that will meet your needs and those of your customers, but also optimal indexing on search engines (search engine optimization). All our services are available in the Montreal area, but also throughout Quebec and Canada.

A Montreal-based Web agency specialized in SEO

The professionals mandated to our Web agency - our representatives, Web project managers, Web editors, designers and IT technicians specialized in SEO - form a qualified team in all spheres of our activity. In addition to delivering the goods, our dynamic Quebec company offers a personalized and courteous service to our customers. This combination of high performance and white-glove service is highly appreciated by our customers and sets us apart from our competition.

Our Montreal-based Web agency provides its customers with various services such as fast and efficient technical support and a direct line to the Web project manager. Our customers also benefit from our high-performance servers located in the province of Quebec.

Our Web agency representatives are present in all regions of the Quebec Province. Whether you need a consultation, a quote about your website or a website design, our Web agency representatives will be able to meet you in the Montreal area and throughout the province of Quebec. This being said, we are also able to meet all your needs from a distance!

Our Web agency is able to meet all your needs, even remotely!

Stylla-Web Web agency has more than 700 satisfied customers who can count on impeccable after-sales service, including monitoring the results and performance of their website. In fact, our clients receive 14 real-time reports over the course of a single year. The data included in these reports is extracted directly from Google, and provides all relevant statistics: number of visits, keywords used to find the website, and positioning of the website, sorted by home computer and mobile (cellular phone) use.

The Web domain being in constant evolution, the design and indexing team of our Web agency will integrate all the necessary updates to your website. Several Google updates take place over the course of a year and require action on the programming of a website, either in design or SEO. Our approach is proactive and timely; we ensure that our methods quickly incorporate all emerging SEO practises, which allows us to stay ahead of our competition at all times.

Take advantage of our expertise in website indexing. We are the best Web agency in Montreal and throughout the province of Quebec. Contact us for a free quote and make your Web projects a reality, whatever their size may be!