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STYLLA-WEB is the most competent and reliable web agency for SEO. Our positioning experts have outstanding experience in Google marketing and SEO in Montreal; we use methods that have been proven hundreds of times.

SEO. What is it?

SEO is the result of several techniques focused on optimizing website performance. It consists in obtaining favourable positioning of the website or a web page on search results. Favourable positioning is defined as the appearance at the top of the search result list on a search engine such as Google. In other words, a well-referenced website is more visible, therefore more visited, which allows your customers or future customers to find your products or services in a simple and efficient way, even if the competition is strong in your sector of activity.

SEO is the acronym for "Search Engine Optimization,” which is expressed as performance optimization on search engines.

In the Greater Montreal area, as well as throughout Quebec, professional SEO ensures a website’s visibility to potential visitors, regardless of your field of activity.

Strengthen your presence on the web by equipping your website with optimal referencing

STYLLA-WEB's SEO Montreal experts synchronize various proven techniques in order to position your website as effectively as possible on search engines.


Keyword analysis in Montreal

Foremost, it is essential to carry out an analysis of your market on the Web. We call this step: keyword analysis. We offer an unparalleled service in strategic analysis of products and services. This analysis takes into account, among other factors, the geographical location where you operate or intend to operate. The strategic analysis stage is considered as a key step, as it is decisive for the definition of the SEO of your website. In this step as in all subsequent steps, you will be accompanied by a "project manager" entirely dedicated to your Web project. The ins and outs of the strategic analysis stage allow us to create the list of keywords for the website as well as the list of targeted cities/sectors.

Web content writing in Montreal

Web content writing encompasses the essence of the message you convey to your customers or potential visitors. It is therefore not surprising that an optimal technique for configuring SEO makes judicious use, when writing web content, of the keywords established in the analysis. STYLLA-WEB makes its expertise in web content writing available to its clients; our competent writing resources will focus on writing optimal texts, focused on SEO. It is the keywords present in your message that will be the elements treated as a priority by search engines. A well exploited keyword in Web content increases its visibility and optimizes its positioning.

Advanced natural referencing techniques available in the Greater Montreal area

An important aspect of our SEO success in Montreal is the fact that our SEO-dedicated servers are located in the province of Quebec. In addition to ensuring increased speed, our high-performance servers greatly help to increase geolocation for the referencing of our customers' websites. Using a Web agency that uses servers located abroad greatly affects efficiency and results in significant disadvantages in terms of speed and referencing of the website or Web page.

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