Référencement Referencing a website, regardless of its type, is done via several methods, including advertising through Google Adwords for paid referencing or optimizing various elements for organic SEO. For an article to be easily identified by search engines, it requires a certain structure. With Google, for example, optimal referencing may be achieved by targeting and using keywords frequently employed by Internet users. These keywords draw potential customers’ attention to your website and help it stand out from other competing websites. Effective referencing will help position your website within the first pages of search results.

The presence of several articles on your website will serve as a good referencing tool. Optimizing your website by the means of its content is among the most sophisticated referencing method, as it is definitely more effective than using robot programs that generate automatic Web page visitors. Depending on the quality and the number of articles, writing optimized content is a very powerful manual referencing method.

For each of the articles written by our Web content writers, a comprehensive study of competitor sites is carried out, as well as an analysis of keywords in demand for your line of business. This information helps build a thought-out website and increase its visibility online. This being said, effective Web content writing is key to successful referencing with Google and other search engines.


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